Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shot of Jack - Shhhh, Don't Tell Molly

Jack got to spend some time with Molly's Momo (aka: Brooke's Mom) today for a few minutes. Molly was at home with her Daddy, so Jack stole some kisses. There is nothing like love from a grandma, even when it isn't YOUR grandma.

He is also rocking his Cubs shirt on this "Sweatsuit Sunday"... I know the entire Clevenger family and Kel will be proud. "Hey, Chicago, what do you say? Cubs are gonna win today!"


  1. I LOVE the Cubs outfit!!!
    and they DID win today!! YEA!

  2. I know! He must bring them LUCK! Note to Gramps: Put $5 toward Jack's college fund every time you want a Cubs win, he'll wear his "lucky" shirt, and you might just have yourself a run for the World Series.

  3. I am soooo jealous .. I need my "Jack fix" .. he looks so cute in his Cubs shirt but what will the Detroit fans think??? Love YOU Jack and I NEED to see you soon.


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