Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wright Sisters

Jack's GiGi (my Grandma Peg) was featured in an article in the Plymouth newspaper last week. Six of the seven Wright children are still living (and going strong!). Their brother John passed away a few years ago. Five of the six sisters live in Plymouth, all six still drive, and believe it or not all of them worked in finance at some point in their lives. The sisters range in age between 95-79 (those are some GOOD genes)! Between the seven Wrights there are 16 children, 37 grandchildren, and "a growing number of great-grands." They are all very strong and inspirational women!
The Sisters: (L to R) My Grandma Peg, Aunt Jean, Aunt Jude, Aunt Kate, Aunt Bette, and Aunt Mary
Here is the article. You may be able to read it if you click on the image. No promises. (The Pilot News doesn't have much of an online selection)

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