Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Lake

We enjoyed Tyson's Birthday weekend/Father's Day weekend at the lake. Blake and Sarah Thomas (aka: Floyd's parents) came up from Cincinnati. We spent Saturday enjoying the sun and the cool lake water with the Light family! They have a sandy beach area and it was the perfect place to let Jack enjoy his first dip in Lake George. He LOVED it!
He borrowed a pretty fun float for a while. In this picture he is trying to figure out where his feet are.
We eventually ditched the float and I held Jack with me in the water. He was kicking his legs and moving his arms. Such a natural. I decided to see how he liked going under (don't be mad...this is perfectly normal, he's almost 6 months!). Anyway, the first dunk was fine. He came up with big eyes and a smile. The second dunk was too much. He cried, but only for a second. It was the beginning of his life as a true "laker."
See...he was fine! Drying off with his Daddy. That was fun, wasn't it?
And then, he passed out - starfish style in the shade. What a trooper.
And Tyson got fratty with Blake and Aaron on the raft. Boys will be boys...even on their 29th birthdays. It was a GREAT weekend!

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