Monday, June 21, 2010

Shots of Jack - Messy eater vs Messy feeder

I'm trying to decide if Jack is a messy eater or I am a messy feeder. Either way - he always ends up with just as much food on his face, as he gets in his mouth. And he loves grabbing the spoon with his hand and then rubbing the food on himself. Faces can be wiped off, clothes can be cleaned, and my camera is always nearby...
HUGE fan of sweet potatoes! Yummmmm!
He loved prunes too! (trust me, he needs them!) He had prunes in his eyelashes...but notice, nothing on the bib. It's magic.

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  1. Your mother LOVED sweet potatoes ... so glad to know you also like them! One huge difference is that Kady not only had to food on her face and in her hair (or on the rather bald head) but also all over the bib and floor. Love Grandma Shirlee


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