Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shots of Jack - Pears

"What in the WORLD is that?"
"Seriously, what was that?"

He didn't mind the pears when they were mixed in his cereal, but when he ate them alone... He made the above faces.


  1. Perhaps he has his grandma Nancy's dislike of pears! Love the pictures! love, Nancy

  2. Actually, Nancy, I hate pears too! It's the gritty texture that gets me. I tried these though...and they weren't THAT bad. :)

  3. I also hate pears so Jack gets his dislike for pears from both sides .... This is about the only fruit that I don't like.... I love you Jack!!!!!

  4. I know he doesn't get this from GiGi. I happen to like them -but I love the face he makes when eating them.


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