Monday, June 14, 2010

Shots of Jack

Jack joined me for a very important shopping trip today. I had some gift cards from Von Maur - which is about 20 minutes away - and invited him to be my shopping buddy. I must say, he was not the most cooperative partner. He voiced his disapproval loudly and often. Luckily, I was successful in finding some cute things.

AND cheers to Von Maur for realizing Mom's appreciate privacy when feeding and changing little ones! They have a "Mother's Room" with a comfy chair, changing table, and sink. Bravo.
Finally, I just bored him to sleep.
Jack wanted to show off his hair! I know he appears completely bald - but his hair is light and (like his momma's) fine! Tonight after his bath his I gave him a comb-over, but I can't wait until I can give him a faux-hawk.

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  1. ahh, the Von Maur Mother's room used to be a frequent nursing spot for me! ha ha Just wait until he learns to walk and doesn't want to stay in that stroller. That gives
    "impulse purchasing" a whole new meaning.


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