Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Congratulatory Dinner

Jack's Grandma Shirlee treated all of us to dinner at the Boathouse tonight to celebrate Karley's GREAT news! We kept Jack occupied by shoveling Gerber Puffs into his mouth. He's a big fan.
Gnawing on a puff.
Couldn't resist a sunset picture in front of beautiful Winona Lake.
Silly Uncle Joe dunked Jack's toes into the water. Jack was really hoping for a post-dinner swim. No dice.
And then Aunt Gina walked him to the car. He was a happy boy. The smiles are for his Grandma Shirlee...she has treatment #2 tomorrow and he's her personal cheerleader!

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  1. Shirlee, you look the pink are stylish and beautiful! love, Nancy

    Karley, are something.. you will probably be one of the youngest law students at INDY! Aunt Kim and Caitlin would love to have you in INDY! Congrats! love, Nancy and Denny


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