Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update on the Mama

So...once again, we received not-so-great news earlier this week. Mom's lymph nodes tested positive for "carcinoma." Meaning, there is cancer present. A game plan has been put in place - (finally). She will go to Indy on Tues. to have a port put in for her chemo treatments. I believe she will also receive her first chemo treatment that day.

Yesterday, she went to Fort Wayne and bought a cute blonde wig (they have more fun) and some super cute hats. She is ready, so bring it on, Chemo!

Jack and I will be spending more time in Warsaw, so we can help her along the way. And I apologize in advance if my blogging is not up to par.

**NOTE: Chemo later in the week. I will be in Warsaw for a few days to help her get ready for the treatments.

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  1. Best of luck to you Shirlee! Sounds like you have tons of supporters rooting you on. Kady, you know you can count on me if you need anything.


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