Friday, July 16, 2010

Unicorn Naps

Yes, a Unicorn Nap is what Jack took today.

Definition: A Unicorn Nap is a nap that an infant/toddler/mom takes that is uninterrupted for 2+ hours.

I call it a Unicorn Nap, because I have heard of such naps existing among infants, yet I have never witnessed my own child take one. Until TODAY.

Praise the Lord - it was magical. He slept. I picked up, reorganized a cupboard, put clothes away, made baby food, unloaded the dishwasher - checked on Jack "yep, still breathing" - read a magazine, talked to the dogs, emailed an Ebay seller who sent me the wrong phone (errrr) - checked on Jack again... You get the picture. It was very nice.

And then, my dogs barked. They barked and threatened to ruin Jack's miracle nap. (and you better believe I was cursing them out!!!)

Guess who woke up? (It was definitely due to the barking and NOT the cursing...I was whisper cursing)

Anyway - now that I have witnessed such an event, I'm a believer. Unicorn Naps exist. Thank you, Jesus.

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