Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just have to share...

So, you know I have been obsessing about coupons...I actually have a binder full of them. Yes, I am THAT woman, holding up your check-out lane. Sorry.

Anyway, I have a "coupon" to share with all of you! Tyson and I really enjoy eating out. We like to find good restaurants and then pledge our allegiance to them by frequenting them...often. I have been looking at for a while now...but have only recently started purchasing from here.

Here is what I know:
- I have purchased $60 worth of gift certificates (to three of our local favs) for $17. Yes, I spent $17 and they gave me $60 worth of gift certificates.

- There are ALWAYS online coupon codes to make your price even cheaper! I just used the word "vacation" and got 60% off my total. The other day I think I used "alltime" and got 40% off. If you google it, you will always find codes.

- Some offers have rules. (ie: min purchase of $35, alcohol not included, 18-20% gratuity added, etc) This won't be a problem for us...we will gladly tack on an appetizer or, even better, a dessert. Or we will invite friends to join us...(any takers?)

- You need a printer! You have to print your gift certificate right away. (sorry, Mom & Dad - that leaves you out)

- Almost all cities are included! As I've said, Metro Detroit has some of our favs... but Fort Wayne also has great offers (Henry's and Club Soda), Indy, Chicago, etc. Again, unfortunately for Warsaw - they are not on the list. (Can someone work on that, though? Ceruleans, duh.)

Anyway - I wanted to pass this info on to friends and family! I know, from experience, that eating out can add up. So, this is one way to make date nights a little lighter on the wallet.


  1. Be careful with that site on coupouns.. Joe and Gina said there were about 20 rules you had to follow in order to use the coupon that Joey her brother gave her.. just be aware!

  2. Quite aware...did you see the reference to the rules in my post?

  3. Thanks for the tip! I have coupons to Paula's and Henry's and Club Soda now and they were such a bargain, especially with the extra discount when I entered the word vacation into each! WOW! Perfect for those of us who would eat out every night if possible! love, Nancy


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