Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good News

Today I would like to share some GOOD NEWS:

  • Baby Girl Becker is growing like a champ! She measured perfectly - in the 40% and had a nice strong heartbeat of 157bpm.  She was hanging out - head down! - with her arms rested up by her ears. I don't blame you, girl - between the dogs barking and your brother screaming . . .
  • My Grandpa Clev had a milestone moment last Friday! He made a birdie on #18 at Plymouth Country Club to shoot his age - 83! That's some great golf! Congrats!
  • My best friend, Katie Beehler Maile, and her husband, Max, welcomed a baby boy yesterday!! Benjamin Ryan Maile was born at 2:48am and weighed 7lb 11oz! I can't wait to meet him!  If we believed in arranged marriages, I would go ahead and offer up Baby Girl Becker's dowry to the Maile's.

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