Saturday, August 27, 2011

Breakfast with Daddy

Yesterday before Tyson left for work - he and Jack enjoyed a bowl of cereal together. Things may look peaceful and serene in this picture - and they were - until Daddy left.

And then things went downhill - FAST!

Here is the order of events:
1. Mommy gets her breakfast: vanilla yogurt with granola.
2. Jack thinks he would like to try some.
3. Mommy shares a bite.
4. Jack makes a face and gags.
5. Excessive gagging leads to a re-emerging bowl of cereal - all over the couch, the dining room, and the kitchen (he's a puke-walker).
6. Mommy - in an attempt to clean up the mess - begins her own round of gagging.

When the scene ends - Mommy is puking in the sink, Jack is covered in puke and crying (while watching his mommy puke in the sink), and both parties are hungry again.

No more yogurt for Jack.

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