Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Josie in the Morning

Josie LOVES to eat! And breakfast is one of her favorite meals. She's well rested, changed, and happy. And SOMETIMES she even shares some of her food with her buddy, Cooper. Sometimes.

Oh, and sometimes Cooper shares his food with Josie.

Our dogs have ZERO food aggression issues. Since day one (with both of them) I have given and taken food away…put my hand in their bowls, put my face by their bowls, etc. They wouldn't think twice if one of the kids took something from them. Jack has been giving them treats since he was a little guy. The only fear I have is that one of them could mistake a Josie finger for a piece of hotdog. It could happen.

Also - Josie isn't usually allowed to play/harass the dogs while they're eating…I just happened to catch her in the act. And YES - she most certainly tried to eat the dog food.

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