Monday, February 18, 2013

Lunch in the Summit City

The Becker Family spent Presidents' Day together today. All of us were out of school and we convinced Tyson to play hooky.

When we sat down to decide what we were going to do, however, we decided FW needs more options. No offense, FW - but you don't have a lot going on for young families. (Attention Investors: contact me about some franchise ideas I have to resolve this issue)

I suggested a visit to the Summit Building to see Grandpa Denny and his office. Grandpa Denny agreed to see us - so we packed up the crew and headed downtown.
 The kids had fun checking out Grandpa's office, his desk, and even a picture of Grandma!
Jack was concerned about meeting Grandpa's "teachers and his friends"…
 We ate lunch at the cafeteria on the top floor.

 Booming metropolis.
I was pretty pumped to see the Falcon camera. Here's a secret: I've been mildly obsessed with falcons since I live in Indy in 2006! I look for them when I drive and have watched the Indy falcons on their falcon camera for years. I'm amazed.

Both kids had a blast (which is evident in Josie's expressions).  Grandpa Denny - we hope you enjoyed our visit…we'll be back...

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