Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mad Ants

Tuesday night Tyson and Denny took Jack to a Mad Ants game at the Coliseum. Jack was pretty excited to spend a night out with Daddy & Grandpa!
Daddy even gave up watching the IU game live (he recorded it, although I'm not sure it was worth recording).
 Apparently Jack was obsessed with the Mad Ant mascot (imagine LARGE red ant in a basketball jersey & shorts). Sadly, he didn't get to meet the Mad Ant this time.
He came home with some fabulously noisy BOOM BOOM sticks. And - BONUS - a pair for Josie, too.
Oh AND his father bought him cotton candy. JUST what an active 3 year old needs…right before bedtime.

He had a blast and I think Tyson & Denny did, too.  Jack walked into school today and told his teacher, "I watched basketball with my Daddy and Grandpa last night." Too cute.

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