Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lazy Days at Home

This is how Jack was watching the iPad today. Tucker makes a great foot rest. Our dogs are SO good with our kids! We're very lucky. They put up with so much!

Then, again - Jack told me yesterday that Tucker was his "best friend." So at least Tuck has that going for him. When I asked if Cooper was also his best friend he told me, "No, Cooper is Josie's best friend."

Speaking of things Jack has been telling me - here are a few of his most recent one-liners:

- "Mom, you go back in the kitchen and cook dinner." (when I tried to join in a game he was playing with his dad) Too much Leave It to Beaver for that kid…I'm not June Cleaver.

- "Mom? Dad? Grandma? Power Rangers? Time to wake up, guys." (coming down the stairs in the morning)

- "I want a beer." (his drink order at dinner… he actually wanted some Gatorade. Apparently he is confused by his Daddy's two "favorite drinks" - beer & Gatorade) sidenote: I'm really looking forward to his teacher telling me he ordered a beer with his lunch…that day is coming.

- "Mom, you sit down and play on your phone, okay?" (as he negotiated more time in the bathtub)

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