Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moooo Mooooo

Here is news you may not know…Jack & Josie each have their own cow! It's true. No, we don't have them in our backyard - they actually live down on my Aunt Debbie's farm in Madison, IN. 
This is Josie's cow - "Josie."  She was born close to Josie's birthday in November. It has been reported that she "likes to eat." Hmmmm - must come with the name! Josie (the child version) thinks this cow is the CUTEST! She kissed her picture tonight.
Meet Jack. Well, actually - Aunt Debbie THOUGHT this was Jack. Turns out it's actually "Jackie." I've never studied cow anatomy, but apparently this "mix up" can happen. Anyway - Jackie is reportedly "a little spitfire" (again, must come with the name).

Jack saw his cow in a picture and proclaimed "I WANT IT! I want it, mommy. Where is my cow?"

Hopefully Uncle Larry spares Josie (cow) and Jackie (cow) from the Doomsday Trailer that visits their farm every once in a while….

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