Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A tribute to Oak

Yesterday we lost a member of our "pack." Nancy and Denny's dog Oakley passed away. He was 15 and lived a great life. He was such a sweet boy and will be missed by all of us!

Oak loved sleeping on the back of chairs & couches.  He was adventurous - often leading Nancy on fun games of "catch me if you can" - around the lake and in their West Central neighborhood (aka: The Hood). He was on the lam on more than one occasion.

Tyson bought Annie (Oakley's sister) when he was in high school. Oakley was thrown in as a "bonus" and most definitely sweetened the deal.

Coop & Tuck will pour one out for their homie. Hope there are lots of delicious treats in Dog Heaven, buddy! XOXOXO

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