Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow Days and Pancakes

We got about 10 inches of Snow on Tuesday night - so my school was cancelled. We woke up and made some pancakes to celebrate a morning at home. No rush, no tears…just pancakes.

(Like Jack's new AMISH haircut? It was $5. Enough said.) Jack was such a great helper mixing the batter. He also helped make a nice mess on the floor.

Snow shot for our friends in warmer temperatures who need to see some white stuff….

Josie doesn't like waiting for food to cook. She helped herself to some cereal. Why the ziplocs? She likes eat dry cereal out of baggies (bad habit from rushed mornings). Her new thing is handing me a box of cereal and a ziploc bag.

 When she finally got her pancakes - she was pretty excited! But she still held on tight to her baggie of cereal.

Two Hour delay for me today. (no complaints)

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