Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Wee Bit Irish?

Even though we had another "snow day" yesterday - my children still went to their school. (Our motto: "If I'm payin' - they're playin'.")

Tyson was working from home and I was doing report cards. Jack & Josie put on their St. Patty's Day gear and were off to see their friends.
Josie loved her tutu….a little more than I would have liked, actually. She only gets her "girlie" items from her Grandmas (both of them).

Just before I broke the news to her that she is 0% Irish. Sorry, kid, you're (mainly) German. 
Bad News: NO "Kiss me, I'm Irish" shirts for you. 
Good News: Germans think it's okay to drink EVERY DAY. Prost! (Great Aunt Becky & Great Uncle Bill will teach you the official "family drinking song" -  someday…)
Cooper - photo bombing Josie. Look how ashamed he looks back there.  Stop being such a creeper, Coop.
Jack wore a festive t-shirt, too. But was completely uninterested in getting his picture taken. Typical.

Tucker - serving as Jack's booster seat on the couch. They are really cute together. Today when I picked Jack up from school - the dogs were in the car. Jack gave Tuck a big hug and said, "Hey, buddy! How are you, Bud?"

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  1. Well i am not sure about Tyson's side of the Family, but mine
    ( Amma Shirlee) Is NOT At all Irish. Kady's family side is French, Native American, Scottish and German. However, Ireland is a wonderful country with very friendly people. Josie, with her beautiful, big smile, could have the Irish spirit. She is always such a happy baby. Now Jack, he is as ornery as his Uncle Jon and Great grandpa Walker. Love Amma Shirlee


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