Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter - Part 2

The Easter Bunny found us last night! He had a "Mickey" theme, with a few airplane friendly items included. Smart bunny.

We joined the Becker Clan for an Easter breakfast and my kids proved (once again) that they aren't shy. They both LOVED the {creepy} Easter Bunny. A little too much. I had to get them out of there before we had another stalking charge filed against us. You may remember Jack's obsession last year…

Kinley wasn't interested in the Easter Bunny. And her Grandma Linda got her a little too close for her liking.

 Yes, that is Jack's piece of cake. And he had a chocolate bunny. Can you say - SUGAR HIGH?
Don't let Jack's "shy face" make you think he wasn't JUST as excited as Josie to be sitting with the Bunny. He even insisted on giving the Bunny one of his chocolate bunnies (because nothing says I LOVE YOU like a little cannibalism)… That's love. Creepy love, but still love.

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