Sunday, March 24, 2013


We are happy to have Tyson home from the Academy. He's been in Chicago since Tuesday. Jack really misses his daddy when he's not home. But I'm pretty sure Tyson misses Jack (and Josie) more...
 Jack and Tyson built a pretty amazing tower this morning.

It didn't take Josie long to realize that Jack didn't want her anywhere near his tower. So, being the little sister, she walked as close as she could to it…just to get a rise out of him. Her grandparents think she has a halo…but they don't know the other side of Josie...

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  1. Jack is like his Uncle Joe..... Joe always loved to build with his blocks ( Legos) also. Keep working at it Jack, maybe soon you can go down to southern Indiana and help your uncle Larry.


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