Monday, March 11, 2013

Miami (Part 1)

Tyson and I were down in the sunshine last weekend! We had a wedding in Miami and it was AMAZING! The weather was gorgeous (especially for a couple of Hoosiers, hungry for warmth). We stayed with my parents on Thursday night and then headed off to Key Biscayne on Friday.
It was GREAT to see so many of my best friends from DePauw! We always have a great time together!
 There was a little Harlem Shake action… Which lead to the video below.
Did you see us? We were the awkward white people in the sea of Brazilians. Plenty of adult beverages were consumed prior to filming that…(FYI)
We stayed downtown Miami - and heard about every language imaginable. The best line came from our cab driver:
Driver: You know why I love Miami?
Tyson: No, why???
Driver: Because it's so close to the United States.
He was Columbian and very nice.
Alpha Phi sisters

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