Monday, July 15, 2013

Adios FW

 This was our last family photo at 1502 Sweet Flag. Kind of sad. Tyson and I did not plan to wear matching green shirts, by the way. The kids and I will head back to FW Wednesday for closing and a final dentist appt. Then we are officially non-homeowners for 30 days…until we embark on this craziness yet again.
And I had to share this picture of Jack from last night.  As you know we are "renting" from our DPU friends who live in Ann Arbor. Well, they have a "library" with tons of books. Last night Jack said he needed to get a book and went into the library to pick one out. He came back with President Obama's book: The Audacity of Hope. I had to chuckle…as I know this will be a picture his grandparents will want to display proudly. {not really} I told him I'd read it to him later and we opted for a Clifford book instead.

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  1. I remember fondly your last "last family photo." Movin on up! Congrats on the sale and this next little adventure. I was hoping you'd aim for Chicago (or Des Moines) instead, but excited that you'll be back to a city that you love. Detroit rock city.


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