Sunday, July 21, 2013

Laking It Lately

We have closed on the Fort Wayne house. A beer was necessary afterward - and I can tell you it wasn't for celebratory purposes. Strictly medicinal. Glad that is behind us.

After a dentist appointment on Thursday we waved goodbye to our La Petite (daycare) friends and headed north (again).  On Friday Tyson and I had the inspection on the home we are buying in Northville. Grandma Nancy was kind enough to schedule a couple days off work for the Ann Arbor Art Fair and babysitting. The inspection went great! We are excited to get our things moved in mid-August!

After the inspection - we were lake bound!

The kids were able to catch up on some reading at the Lake - always a good thing! We also played outside a lot and watched some movies! Favorites lately: Silver Lining's Playbook, Pitch Perfect, and Hotel Transylvania (for the kids).

This morning we were up early and headed over to Plymouth for the annual Clevenger Family Summer Get-Together. Jack had a BLAST with Ada (not pictured), Owen, and Elliott.
Jack was brave and tried out tubing! Not surprising: he LOVED it. He is such a thrill seeker.
Miss Josie had fun playing in the lake. She was a fish most of the afternoon. She did take a juice break with Grandma Shirlee…but then it was right back to the water.

We are back in Ann Arbor - until further notice. Looking forward to some stability, since I'm pretty sure my kids have NO IDEA where we are going when we tell them we are "going home."

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