Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh Brother

 Josie learned a valuable lesson yesterday at the park: Riding a GIANT BEE is fun! But...
It's even BETTER with a brother!

Our adventure to the local Ann Arbor park was interesting. I knew I was back in Michigan when I walked into the park and saw a congregation of new moms breastfeeding together while their older children played. Sadly, I'm not breastfeeding at the moment, or I would have joined them. I give this state credit - above all else - OB's and pediatricians do an amazing job giving new moms the resources and courage and help needed to breastfeed successfully. Bravo, Michigan.

We were also at the park with a bunch of summer day campers. As a teacher, I can deal just fine with kids running around crazy, in all directions. However, one kid in the sandbox not only got my teacher LOOK, but my teacher VOICE! Unprovoked - he walked up to Josie and pushed her down in the sand. I immediately stepped in with my best evil eye and serious tone. He knew I meant business. And quite honestly - he's lucky I got to him before Josie could. The girl was on a mission for retaliation. Don't mess with the Jack's "little sister", kid. She knows how to defend herself.

{sidenote: I say "little sister" because she's not really little. She weighs almost as much as her big brother - which, again, is why she's so great at defending herself}

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