Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On the Move

I will not apologize for my lack of blogging. It is a miracle that I currently have my sanity, so let's all hope it lasts through the next few days.

Today was Day #1 of Operation Pack Da House. We have three very nice men here from the Metro Detroit area packing everything {and I do mean EVERYTHING}. Bless them - for I do not have the patience or mental stability to do their job. Honestly, I wouldn't last one day as a mover. It is my personal hell…which is shocking considering how many times we've moved.

Let's re-cap:

May 2004: Kady & Tyson graduate from DePauw. Kady MOVES home. Tyson MOVES to an apartment in Cleveland.

January 2005: Kady & Tyson get engaged. Live in Guatemala for 3 months.

April 2005: Kady MOVES to Cleveland to be with Tyson (in a shared apartment).

June 2005: Kady & Tyson MOVE to an apartment in a shady area of Cleveland Heights. Cooper is adopted.

April 2006: Kady & Tyson MOVE to Indianapolis and Bloomington to pursue Master degrees.

May 2007: Kady & Tyson live in Northville, MI for the summer while Tyson interns with OnStar.

August 2007: Kady MOVES to Bloomington to live with Tyson for his 2nd year of his MBA.

June 2008: Tyson graduates from IU - Kady & Tyson MOVE to Royal Oak, MI. Tucker is adopted in July. Jack arrives in January 2010, Josie in November 2011. (Woohoo! 3+ years in ONE place!!)

January 2012: The Beckers MOVE to Warsaw, IN for 2 months.

March 2012: The Beckers MOVE to Fort Wayne, IN.

July 2013: The Beckers MOVE to Metro Detroit {again} - currently homeless.

Lord help me if we move in again in the next 5 years. Actually, Lord help Tyson. He'll need it.

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