Monday, July 29, 2013


I lured Tyson and his cousin, Blake, to the Leslie Science & Nature Center (LSNC) on Saturday by telling them we would see some "raptors." They were expecting dinosaurs. (not really) I was as giddying as a kid on Christmas, because I knew the LSNC has a Peregrine Falcon…and you know how I love my falcons!

There she is - the falcon! She was cleaning her feathers. She's amazing. She was bred for the sport of falconry, but couldn't cut it as a hunter. Since she was considered "tame" she couldn't be released back into the wild. She now lives full-time at the LSCN and is used for educational purposes. She lives with a few different types of owls, hawks, vultures, and eagle. There was also a critter house - with bearded lizards (pictured above), turtles, frogs, snakes, an iguana, some rabbits, and a salamander.

It was a really fun morning! Glad we could spend some time with Blake and Nuala!
 Jack, Josie, and their 2nd cousin - Nuala.
Nuala kept Jack in line.

After seeing the animals and birds - we found a couple large hills to wear the kids out on. They ran up and down them…then the adults ran up and down them (not in the plan). By the time we were ready to leave, everyone was ready for a nap.
But - Josie gave me a few slaps on my face to help wake me up… Thanks, Jos!

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