Saturday, July 27, 2013


It's true that kids go through phases for just about everything.: eating, sleeping, talking, toys, etc. Jack is neck deep in Three Year Old phases that include: tantrums, the word "poopy", and blowing raspberries at people. He did that to an older lady at the grocery store the other day. She wasn't amused. And he's lucky we were in public. I was about to come unhinged.

People see Jack and think he's "very busy." No doubt - he is! But he's also a boy. And when I see him with other boys his age, I realize he is JUST like them. As a mom I have to find the humor in situations, find the patience to pick my battles, and find the best way to discipline. Being a mom is hard.

Josie is in this phase:
Let's hope she gets it out of her system before she's 13 or she won't be allowed out of the house.


  1. I know the feeling, Kady!! Sometimes I feel like Lucas has become a beast, when I see other boys more calm and mellow... AHH I TRY to pick my battles too :)

  2. With the top up or down, poor Josie will probably never get to be around boys. Those big blue eyes will bring the guys in and her daddy will chase them off.

    Jack, I hope that special person getting that note is ME!!!!!!

    I miss you two SO much. Love Amma Shirlee


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