Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun minus Sun

On Friday I mentioned that we were heading to Lake George for some fun & sun. Turns out there was less SUN than we'd hoped. Our best weather was Friday night and I'm glad we took an evening boat ride!
The kids were SO happy to be back with their daddy.
Jack was our captain for the night. Only 11 more years until he can get his boating permit.
Luckily, the weather is always decent for baseball - which we played a lot of...A LOT.
And Tucker didn't care about the lack of sunshine. He is always willing to go swimming. Always. He lives for the lake.
And we aren't ever officially "home" until we've visited the local Urgent Care. So we left the lake a little early Sunday to take Josie to an Urgent Care in Ann Arbor. She has been wheezy and hoarse. Saturday night Tyson and I were SO close to taking her to the E.R. I'm glad we waited. After a chest X-Ray, she was diagnosed with croup and the early stages of pneumonia. She's on a steroid for her lungs and an antibiotic for the croup.
Even when she's sick - she's still happy.

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