Thursday, August 15, 2013

Building Towers

Jack has been really into building things lately. I think it's a "boy thing" because I remember my brother, Joe, spending hours building with his legos. Since Jack has recently traded in his nap time for more awake time…I'm thinking about giving him a big tub of legos during "quiet time." He seems to enjoy it and it keeps him pretty occupied.
The other night while I was cooking dinner, Jack & Josie emptied all of the canned goods onto the floor. At first I was annoyed - ANOTHER mess to clean up. But then Jack told me they were building a "tower."
Josie was an "assistant" - her job was to look cute and not touch anything. She is actually WAY better at demolition than she is at construction.
Jack worked hard while I cooked dinner. Aside from having to avoid cans as I moved around the kitchen, it was nice to watch Jack in action, not mention I didn't have to break up any fights!
And this was the final product…which was still standing the next morning.

Today is THE day! We will close on our house this afternoon and then move in tomorrow. To say I'm excited is a bit of an understatement.

Don't abandon us through the move…we have lots of things to share, including some BIG news from Jack.

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