Saturday, August 3, 2013

Temporary Home

I snapped a few pictures the other night to share with my mom, since she hasn't seen where we are living in Ann Arbor for the summer. Thought I share with everyone so you can see our temporary home for the summer - or as Jack calls it "our vacation home."
This is the house we are living in until mid-August. It's in the Oxbridge/Burns Park area (for anyone familiar with AA) - and it reminds me of Foster Park (for FW people). Basically a lot of older homes, large lots, and huge trees.

I love that every house is different! Some are old, some are brand new. Some are colonial while others are modern. It's so fun to walk/drive around and just look at houses! And I've been surprised at the number of front yard gardens. (pictured above) Am I missing something? Perhaps people tend to their garden better when they have to walk past it a few times a day?!?
My buddies - Coop & Tuck - take me on an evening stroll around the neighborhood every night. They LOVE all the smells and since there are so many streets, we can take a different path every night. They look forward to it. And, I won't lie, I do too.

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