Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Clevenger Invasion

This past weekend my family "invaded" the lake and we had a great time! My parents came, along with Uncle Jon, Uncle Joe & Aunt Gina - and their two girls "Sissy" and "Rue."** Jack and Josie had so much fun playing with everyone.
 Jack gave some tractor rides. Here he is showing a "carrot smile."

 Josie got in some cuddle time with Grandma.
It's always fun to see the family! It's especially eventful with the addition of Joe & Gina's girls! Jack was teaching them how to jump off the couch into a sea of pillows (and other questionable things). Sorry about that!
Later that night after everyone had left, Jack and I spent so time watching a HUGE spider make a web on the pier. And we fed some fish.

It was a fun & relaxing weekend at Lake George. Our week is about to get CRAZY as we get set to close and move in! 

**Joe & Gina are adopting and we will be protecting the identities of their girls on the blog. Trust me, they are ADORABLE and if you want to see how cute they are, let me know. I'm pretty proud to be an Aunt!

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