Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Week Later...

Annnnndddd we're back! Only a week later. Gosh. Moving is hard.
We had a successful and pleasant closing last Thursday evening. Jack and Josie joined us...which is always a tad stressful, but we stopped by the new house afterward and Jack ran around without pants on. "Welcome home, kid!"
On Friday, Grandma Nancy braved Ikea with Jack & Josie...while Tyson and I directed the movers. It was fairly painless, but somehow tiring. (Haven't figured that one out yet.)
On Sunday Jack and I ventured to our new pool (just 7 houses down) and Jack had a blast! So many kids and families! The best part was - when we were done, we walked away. I'm not kidding. That was the best part.
Later that afternoon Jack gave Josie a ride on her "princess car" and she scraped up her foot. She was really mad and rightly so... She's been hobbling around all week, milking this injury for all it's worth. Doesn't she look ticked??
My parents came Monday night to check out the new house. They have been spending some quality time with the grandkids and grand dogs.

And finally - Jack's BIG announcement:
He is 100% POTTY TRAINED. And it only took a day. Okay, well three and a half years (give or take) but honest to God - ONE day. He was like, "Yeah, I want to use the potty." Done.
And now he's cruising around on this. Because, let's face it, a new bike is WAY cheaper than 10 more boxes of diapers. And I'm not above bribes incentives - whatever.

Stay tuned for my potty training post...coming soon.

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  1. Yay yay and yay! Go Jack and can't wait to see the house!!


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