Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rush Hour

On Thursday we had a Kelley (IU) event for GM in Royal Oak. It was taking place in a park and it was family friendly. My friend Christina and her husband (Lucas & Chloe's parents) recently built a new house in RO and I thought I'd swing by before the picnic to say hi. 

Apparently my 15 months in Fort Wayne made me forget that BIG cities actually have traffic and a real "Rush Hour." I left  Ann Arbor at 4:30 - an hour and a half before the event was supposed to start - and sat in bumper to bumper traffic for thirty minutes. I think this is a classic case of Road Rage Karma for all those times I got mad about the 15 cars backed up at a stop light on Illinois Road in Fort Wayne... 

Jack - who recently announced that he "only sleeps at night time" (aka: has given up his nap) - was napping in the backseat. I checked on Josie and she was doing this:

Then - 15 minutes and ONE MILE later - she was doing this:

Very lady like, Jos. You really need to stop spending so much time with your brother.

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