Friday, August 9, 2013

Lunch Date

My kids and I are in full-on "summer mode." I honestly never thought it was possible for them to sleep in past 9:00am and be up past 10:00pm... But it's happening. The late nights are kind of annoying, but the late mornings - well, they are amazing. And it's only mildly embarrassing that I have to tell people I can't be anywhere before 10am... Honestly, after rushing them around for the entire school year, I will just embrace these days of lounging in our PJ's. Who cares?
Yesterday after some phone calls for the new house, I asked Jack if he was ready for lunch. He said, "NO" and that he wanted to go to the park and play. So I packed up a lunch and we went to the park.

Jack scaled the rock wall with ease and told me he wants to climb one that "goes up higher in the sky." Lovely. He's {still} fearless.

15 minutes later he announced he was pooping. And we had to go home. Potty training? Well, Josie seems to like it. 

Excuse me, I think I need a drink.

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