Wednesday, October 15, 2014

8 Weeks

Before I forget - Nolan is 8 weeks old today! And as you can see from the picture, he doesn't miss a meal. I spy arm chub and I love it!

Here are a few things we know about Nolan:
- He has a dimple on his left cheek (adorable)
- He has red/auburn hair (for now)
- His eyes appear to be blue...but sometimes I see hints of brown, so we aren't 100% sure yet
- He wants to be held/cuddled ALL.THE.TIME
- He has a serious...and I mean SERIOUS - temper. You'll know when he's mad. Everyone knows when he's mad.
- He loves his brother & sister. Hearing their voices or seeing their faces makes him happy.
- He's strong. He loves standing up on his legs and gets really proud of himself.
- He will NOT take a pacifier. (sidetone: I never believed moms who said that their babies wouldn't take a paci...until I had a child that refused to take a paci. I've tried every day (for 8 weeks), multiple kinds - NOPE. Seriously frustrating.)
- Despite his anger & stubbornness - He's VERY loved.

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