Monday, October 6, 2014

Fire Station Field Trip

Last Wednesday Josie, Nolan, and I joined Jack and his class for a field trip to the Northville Fire Station. Josie took it upon herself to join the class. She was an active participant.  Jack was, too, for that matter. He was practically giddy (because as you know, he was a fireman for Halloween - TWO years in a row).
The Fire Chief got into all of his gear to show the kids what a fireman looks like when he responds to a fire.
All of the kids got to get into the big fire truck. Josie showed her lack of school-ness, by butting in front of all of Jack's classmates. Big brother set her straight.
See how giddy Jack was - he struck a pose by the fire truck. 

It's Fire Safety Month! Don't forget to talk to your kiddos about two ways out of your house and a family meeting place! Oh - and check your smoke detectors! {that message brought to you by my former Insurance Agent Self}

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