Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Family Walks

We've been trying to make a habit of doing something as a family every Sunday. Lately our go-to family event has been a 2 mile walk. Last weekend we walked the trails around our neighborhood.
Checking out the pond. We saw some fish jumping and Jack wanted to catch them with a stick. A fishing pole may be added to his Christmas List.
Such a goof.
 Josie loves to perform.
 Daddy and Jack
Jack took over the camera to work on his photography. This is one of the pictures he took. He named it "Tree Butt" (four year old humor).  Next Sunday our Lions are playing EARLY on Sunday (9:30am) so that leaves LOTS of extra time for Family Fun Day.


  1. You guys are too cute. Josie posing is killing me!

    1. She's so dang sassy. And she has this new "thing" where she won't look at me when I'm taking her picture. So frustrating. The things I have to do/say to get her to look at the's ridiculous.


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