Friday, October 3, 2014

Let's Celebrate!

We went back to Warsaw last weekend to CELEBRATE the the ADOPTION of Joe & Gina's kiddos. They had a BIG party downtown Warsaw and it was so much fun! The food was catered by a food truck - AMAZING. And then, there were Betty's Cupcakes and Cookies. I'm pretty sure 5/6 children in the family were on a sugar high for most of the night. But, just as adults can "over-consume" on adult beverages - the kids can party with sugar.
 Walker is newly one and he's a man on a mission. For those who know how busy Jack was at one - I can tell you, I think Walker is MORE active. Hard to believe, I know.
Jack and Grandma Shirlee waiting by the food truck. Jack looks exhausted. And he was.
My Aunt Sue was showing my Great Aunts their newest GREAT GREAT NEPHEW, Nolan. Doesn't Nolan's face look hilarious?!? He definitely had some WTF moments, as he was passed around that night.
Nancy and Denny came for the party, too! They were two extra sets of hands and all of the kids were ready to wreak havoc on the city of Warsaw.
Josie - BIG fan of the Photo Booth. Huge. I'm pretty sure I never saw her without a prop.
Jack loved the props too - especially the "MusTake" (great combo of mustache and mistake). The only problem is he's not exactly sure where the mustake should go on the face...
Gina's dad (that's not her dad above) provided a party bus and a carriage for rides around town. I have to admit, it was great entertainment for the kiddos. Jack and Josie took a carriage ride with my Aunt Suzie. Oh look - Jack was eating something other than cookies & cupcakes...DORITOS. Nice. Well, we can pretend the cheese was giving him a serving of calcium. #momoftheyear
My brothers and I have been blessed with some wonderful Great Aunts in our lives. Here we are pictured with my Great Aunt Mary.  She's 98 and still amazing. Also - because we rarely have all three of us together - please note the Clevenger Blue Eyes in full force! Those genes are STRONG, I tell you! I have three blue-eyed kids to prove it.

More pictures to come...

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