Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

Remember those pumpkins we bought a couple weeks ago? Well we finally got around to carving them. First we had to clean out the pumpkin guts. Tyson didn't enjoy this part, so he wore gloves. I can't talk about it. It's not his fault. He did not attend the "Jerry Clevenger School of Pumpkin Carving" from 1982-2004... Regardless. The pumpkins got cleaned out.
Then the kids each chose a pumpkin face. Thank you, Google, for all of the great "image" choices!
Showing Jack my best Pumpkin Carving face
And then I started carving. There is something slightly therapeutic about carving a pumpkin. (I might be weird)
Then THIS happened. Josie's dang pumpkin was so hard to carve - it literally broke my knife.
 TA DA! Each kiddo with his/her pumpkin. Jack's pumpkin is "scary/mean," Josie wanted a "happy" pumpkin (of course), and Nolan got an "alien" pumpkin.
(Reviewing my camera after our photo shoot: two shots of Jack w/ pumpkin, two shots of Nolan w/ pumpkin, 15 shots of Josie in 15 different poses)
Here they are - all lit up and ready for Friday night!

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