Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nothing but Noley - 2mth Stats

There's no 3rd child syndrome around this blog. Nolan is getting plenty of pictures and posts.
Last week I was determined to get this child to use a pacifier. He hates them. After many hours of "training" - he still hates them. Why? Because they aren't the real thing.
We've had some nice weather the past few days (not today). Nolan borrowed Jack's shades while we played outside. He doesn't look thrilled about them.
And yesterday was Nolan's 2mth check up. He is still winning as "Biggest Becker Baby!" He's gained over 6 pounds since birth and now weighs 13b 13oz. (76%) and 23in long (36%). If you're wondering how that compares to Josie you can click HERE and Jack click HERE. (Jack's post reminded me about Virginia - his nurse - wonder what she's up to these days?!?)

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