Friday, March 20, 2015

7 Months Today

Dear Nolan -
You are 7 months old today! The other day, I caught a glimpse of a family picture from 2012...taken long before we knew we'd be a family of 5. {Sorry I haven't added you to the picture frames, I promise I will - maybe even before you turn 1} Anyway - I couldn't believe there was a time in my a mommy...when you weren't there. In 7 fast months, you've made our family feel so complete and I'll probably have a REALLY hard time remembering my life pre-Nolan.

You can sit up now - which means you take baths with Jack & Josie. They are your favorite people, after me. And while we are talking about your love obsession with your should know that I have broken EVERY rule in my Mom Book for you. Just let the record show, you...the baby...broke the rules VERY early.

You don't have any teeth yet. You don't crawl, but you still manage to move around by rolling and turning. You are starting to enjoy some solid(ish) foods, especially fruits. Your eyes are well on their way to being brown and your hair will most likely be a gorgeous shade of auburn. You have your own look and I love it. Overall, you're a happy baby, as long as you have your momma nearby.

Happy 7 months!
I love you,

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