Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gone are the days...Hot Showers.

I shower with quite an audience these days. That might seem weird to people - but it's just my reality. On this particular day, all three of them were sitting outside the shower. Nolan loves to be entertained by his siblings and they do a good job keeping him happy. Please notice the "toys" Nolan is playing with... Nothing says "I'm a third child" more than being handed a plastic hanger and a nasal aspirator for "toys."
Nolan actually prefers being IN the shower. Huge fan. Now that he can sit up - I set him on the floor and he plays (again, nasal aspirator & a bracelet). He doesn't seem to mind the water running over his face.
As you can imagine - any day when I can shower alone, with HOT water - is a luxury. That being said, I do love clean babies!

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