Thursday, March 26, 2015

Christian's ROAK Celebration

During the Month of April - we will be celebrating the life of a baby boy gone too soon. My friend, Erin, lost her sweet Christian four years ago on April 26th. At the time, I was a mommy to a one year old Jack and my heart broke into a million pieces for her and her family.

When Erin decided that the best way to honor Christian was to do a ROAK celebration of his life...I was SO excited to participate. Bringing JOY to others is something I really want my kids to know and to do...not because I tell them to, but because it's just what good people do. So we use the month of April to celebrate Christian and to bring JOY to others. (sidetone: we like to bring joy throughout the year, too - we just make a conscious effort in April to do so in Christian's honor)

If you would like to join in ROAK fun - you can go HERE and join the event. We really hope you do!!

THIS is Erin's post about the event.
And THIS is Christian's story.

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet kind words and for sharing the event here. Love ya!


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