Thursday, March 19, 2015

Maple Syrup Tour

On Sunday afternoon Tyson had some work to do, so I loaded up my crew and headed off to the local farm for a maple syrup tour. We took a wagon ride out to the woods and the farmer taught us all about harvesting sap to make syrup.
Nolan, again, was along for the ride.
But these two enjoyed tromping through the woods. See the milk jugs hanging from the trees? They are collecting sap.
Nolan wasn't impressed with the lesson. He decided he needed to nap.
Before we left - this turkey provided us with some quality entertainment. He was pretty vocal with his "gobble gobble" and Jack was LOVING it!
And then Josie fell in love with the horses. She said she wants one. We will let her ask her "papas" (grandpas) for one.

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