Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dinos in AA

One of the things we love about Northville, is how close we are to Ann Arbor. As everyone knows, we fell hard for Bloomington back in the AA is as close as we can get to feeling like we're in Btown - but with less Hoosier Hysteria and more "maize & blue." It's still a college town and we love visiting.
U of M has a free Museum of Natural History. We have been wanting to visit - so we packed everyone up on Saturday afternoon and walked around. We saw a lot of fun things!
Josie wanted to see if she could open her mouth as wide as this prehistoric sea creature. Nope.
And Jack stood up as tall as he could next to a giant dino leg.
This 26ft canoe had to be lifted by a crane and through a window - so it could be on display. We thought it might be a fun addition to the lake house.
The museum building itself was gorgeous! Tons of marble and intricate detail.
Before we left I had Josie stand next to the Earth and I asked her where she wanted to go. "I want to go everywhere!" she told me. For some reason I feel like I will be hearing the words "study abroad" in my future...

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