Friday, March 13, 2015


It is starting to feel like...and smell like...and taste like Spring around here! It's been in the 50's lately...which I know is "cold" for anyone south of Kentucky, but that's 50-60 degrees warmer than what we've had lately. Perspective, people.

We celebrated some warm weather with a visit to our local ice cream shop. We totally ruined our dinner in the name of Spring. Whatever.
 We also broke out the bikes and took a walk/bike ride. In the picture above you can see that we still have some snow...and that a lot of it is melting quickly. That flowing river is usually a dry ditch.
So - suck it up Floridians! We don't want to hear about how COLD it is when it's 52! It feels great. Get outside, even if you have to wear a dino hat and a sweatshirt (Nolan).

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