Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow Day

 The snow has arrived in Northville and we decided to play outside today. Josie thought it might be fun.
 Jack knew it was fun! This kid needs a snowboard - STAT.
Then Josie took a few falls into the white stuff and gave me a look like - "Are you kidding me with this S*%#???"
And then she did a lot of this. We told her to suck it up. We are in Michigan for the long haul. Better get used to the snow.
Even Tucker got to come out and play. He loves running in the snow...and getting tackled by Tyson & Jack. Such a dude.
OH - and the infamous PowerShovel made it's winter debut. Which means you should definitely review the PowerShovel video from 2008! It's always worth a watch.

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