Wednesday, December 4, 2013

J is for Josie, C is for Cookie...{A party that was cancelled TWICE}

Josie may be the only two year have a birthday party cancelled TWICE. We originally cancelled her birthday party when we knew she was sick. But by Thursday she was doing great...and based on what the doctor had told me, she wasn't contagious. So Nancy & I decided we'd have the party. Insert a couple hours of crafting {me} and baking {Nancy}...Jack had been out with Tyson and returned with a rash near his mouth. Fearing the worst - the party was cancelled AGAIN. Luckily, Jack's rash wasn't anything to fear, just a rash...and also, Josie is 2 - so she doesn't really understand that her party was cancelled.
Josie and I made a pact - 19 years from now, we'll celebrate in Vegas...which will be WAY more exciting than a Cookie Monster birthday. {Mark your calendars if you're coming with us}
We did have a "virtual" party - and had Uncle Jon, Grandma Shirlee, and Grandpa Jerry in for some singing.
 Josie kindly offered them cookies...and Uncle Jon ate one {virtually}.
Before you go feeling sorry for lil Miss Josie - take a look at her birthday loot! Grandma Nancy was a little excited. {yes, 80% of those are from Grandma Nancy}
 Josie had a fun time with her new double baby stroller. Plenty of room for Minnie {all 8 of them}.
And as the adults chatted in the sitting room...the kids played in the family room and then it got quiet. Too quiet. We found them having a little party of their own. And helping themselves to the leftover cookies.

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